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How to Qatar: Getting Your Driver’s License


The process of getting a Qatari driver’s license is easy for some nationalities, while more challenging for others. Assuming that you are older than 18 years of age and that you already have a driver’s license from your home country, only those with driver’s licenses from Bosnia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Korea and Turkey can do direct conversions. However, we recommend contacting the Traffic Department at 234-4444 for confirmation, as things can change quickly in Qatar.

1. Obtaining an NOC

Regardless of your nationality, you will need to get permission from your sponsor. If that’s your spouse, you’ll need them to apply for a no-objection certificate (NOC) through MeTrash 2. Otherwise, your company will apply for permission on your behalf. 

2. Applying for a license 

Once your NOC is approved, you can go to any driving school and apply for a driver’s license. Bring your Qatar ID (QID), a passportsized colour photograph (if you prefer a photograph other than your QID) and your foreign driver’s license. Keep in mind that most driving schools only accept new applicants in the morning.

3. Completing the eye test

If you are one of those lucky few that can directly convert to a Qatari license, you can take an eye test (QR 50) at a driving school or a participating optometrist. Once the results are on the system, head to the Traffic Department with your QID, passportsized photograph and foreign driver’s license. 

4. Driving courses

If you are unable to directly convert your license, then a driving school will help you apply for a license at the traffic department— there’s an onsite branch at every school. While rules vary by nationality, most expats with a foreign driver’s license will have to take a “half course” which involves a theory test and road test. This usually costs around QR 2,500 for a “Light” driver’s license, which allows you to drive non-industrial type vehicles.

5. Taking the theory test

The theory test is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam with 20 questions; to pass, you must answer at least 18 correctly. It is primarily a test of your knowledge of driving signals and road signs. Driving schools offer prep books for QR55, although there is plenty of material online as well. Be aware that a new rule coming into effect requires applicants to attend two sessions (around one hour each) at their chosen driving school before they can take the theory test.

6. Passing the road test

Once you pass the theory portion, you will be booked for a practical test on the road. If you opt to perform your test using a manual car, your license will enable you to drive both an automatic and manual; however, if you opt for an automatic, then you are not allowed to drive a manual car with your Qatari license.

Note: women can only take exams with a female officer, who are available one day per week. The day in question varies according to the school. Applications and coursework, however, can be done any day.

7. Obtaining your license

You are allowed two attempts to pass the road test. If you fail, you’ll have to do remedial courses. If you pass, you will be issued a Qatari driver’s license that is valid for five years. If not part of your course fee, it will cost QR 250.

Driving Schools

Al Khebra Driving Academy
Abu Hamour
4032-4444, alkhebradriving.com

Dalla Driving Academy
Main Road Industrial Area
4487-1423, dalladrivingacademy.com

Doha Driving Academy
Al Zaghwa Street
4479-2263, dohadrivingacademy.com

Gulf Driving School
Al Fadaill Street
4465-2666, www.gdsqatar.com.qa

Karwa Driving School
Ibn Durham Street

United Driving School
Wholesale Market
4468-1003, udqatar.com

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