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Ineiza Park

The tremendous Doha skyline forms a formidable backdrop of top-notch architecture on the east side of the park and makes for an amazing light show after dark.

Ineiza Park makes for a lovely stop on the way home from City Centre or The Gate malls. If your children attend Lycée Bonaparte or Qatar International School, it’s a short sixty-second walk down the road—great for an after-school romp.

Just inside the entrance to Ineiza Park, surprisingly large basil hedges protect the sculpted landscaping from being overrun by young visitors. However, the grassy berms in the rear of the park are much more accessible and offer just enough incline for little ones to run up and over until they tire. Dozens of palm trees provide family-sized shadows, and other varieties of trees will eventually provide additional shade as they grow.

Generous stone and brick pathways weave through the park—and at the time of writing, there were no signs indicating that specific activities are prohibited. Though the grassy areas are numerous they are not spacious enough for anything other than a picnic.

Parents should be aware of two safety issues in the park. Opposite the semi-shaded playground and obscured by giant faux boulders is a low-walled water fountain and pond that could easily be scaled by a small toddler. The other concern is the metal chain of a play pulley in the toddler playground area, which presents a credible risk of entanglement. Keep a close eye on your children at all times.

The park’s proximity to some basic post-playtime amenities can’t be beat. Located a mere 50 metres from the car park is West Bay Petrol Station, where families can grab lunch at Bateel, ice cream at Baskin-Robbins or fresh fruits and vegetables at the green grocer—that is, of course, assuming your children have not already fallen asleep after running themselves ragged at the park.

The Nitty-Gritty


Plenty of parking is available outside the park’s main entrance on Al Intisar Street. A secondary lot with approximately 25 spaces is available on the street where the Iraqi Embassy is located.

Nearby landmarks

West Bay Petrol Station, Lycée Bonaparte School, Qatar International School

Playground basics

  • Two large climbing frames, one for toddlers and one for older kids 
  • Other playground equipment includes a number of rockers, a rope-climbing frame leading to a “pirate’s nest,” several wobble stands, a metal merry-go-round, a set of swings, a saddle-shaped swing and endlessly entertaining “speakerphone pipes.”
  • Equipment is wooden, plastic and metal.
  • Three metal slides
  • The play area has shades mounted above it, but large gaps result in 50 per cent or less being shaded.
  • Rubber surface
  • Wood or faux wood benches (not shaded)
  • None of the playground equipment is suitable for children with physical disabilities.

Wheelchair & disability accessibility

The pathways around the playground and green spaces are accessible to wheelchairs. Each toilet area has a dedicated wheelchair-accessible toilet room.

Opening hours

06:00 – midnight

Entrance fee


Food and beverages

None in the park itself, but the West Bay Petrol Station offers a convenience market, Royal Istanbul Restaurant, Aalishan Takeaway and Baskin-Robbins.

Toilet facilities

Two toilet facilities are located on opposite sides of the park. There are no baby-changing facilities.


Parts of the playground are shaded, though not effectively. There are numerous park benches that are shaded, as well as two large, fully shaded cement areas that could be used for bicycles and skates.

Nearby mosque



The fully covered amphitheatre has two wheelchair ramps, though they are very steep. Watch young children carefully in case they ride their wheeled toys down the ramps or over the stairs—it would not make for a pleasant landing in either case.



Dress code

Conservative dress to respect local culture

Night lighting

Well-lit at night

Doha Family Tips

  • Two busy roads border the park and the exits are not closely monitored. A third exit in the rear corner of the park can be easily overlooked. Keep a close eye on your children, particularly if they make a game of running from you.
  • The toilets are not always well maintained, so bring your own toilet tissue.
  • Two of the three metal slides face the afternoon sun and are quite hot during the hotter months.
  • Drinking fountains are available outside the two toilet facilities.
  • There is a ping-pong table available, but you will need to bring your own paddles and balls. 
  • To the right of the park are fully fenced and gated artificial grass football pitches for adults and children.


  • From the Corniche, turn on to Al Markhiya St.
  • At the second signal, turn right on to Al Istiqlal St.
  • Turn right again on to Al Intisar St., the street before West Bay Petrol.
  • The park will be on the left side of the street.

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