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Winter 2015

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Overnight Camping in Qatar

Pack up the kids, cooler and car! Overnight camping in the desert is a great way to unplug and escape the monotony and hustle-bustle of city living in Qatar.

Best Grocery Stores in Qatar

Wonder which grocery stores are best in Doha? Check out our short list of great places to shop and our full directory of grocery stores in Doha.

Let It Grow: Gardening in Doha

Don’t let Qatar's climate hold you back anymore. Check out these gardening tips to grow your own backyard vegetable garden.

Where Does Our Food Come From? An Insight Into Qatar's Food Industry

Most people know that the majority of Qatar’s food is imported, but you may be surprised to know how Qatar keeps our food safe.

Buying a Used Car in Qatar

What to look for, how to transfer a registration and more—here's the everything that residents of Qatar need to know before buying a used car.

Qatar National Sport Day: What’s On?

Family-friendly things to do this Qatar National Sport Day

Living With Food Allergies in Qatar

How to deal with food allergies and intolerances while living in Qatar.

Kid-Friendly Souq Waqif

The ultimate kid-friendly guide to Souq Waqif.

Qatar bloggers you should know

Stories of Qatar from the mics and keyboards of people on the ground—these are our top picks for Qatar-focused blogs and podcasts.

Chef’s Garden in Education City

This bright and sunny café has a lot to offer families who are looking for fresh, healthy food in an atmosphere that kids will also enjoy.
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