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What’s on This Summer


Ramadan is upon us, and for Muslims, it is a time for reflection, prayer, generosity and self-restraint. From sunrise to sunset, they will abstain from eating, drinking and smoking. In Qatar, this means that most restaurants will be closed for the day. Even if you are not Muslim, consider fasting in solidarity with Qatar and our Muslim brothers and sisters. binzaid.gov.qa


Explore Qatar’s natural environment with the iNaturalist app. Little nature enthusiasts will love checking out the corresponding website where nature lovers record their observations and learn about flora and fauna around them. Currently, the Qatar page has catalogued 197 species of animals, plants, fungi and more. Take a look to see which animals you recognise and when the weather cools off, maybe you can do some cataloguing of your own. inaturalist.org


Niya Yoga is offering a ladies-only intensive beginners course this Ramadan for those who are interested in yoga and want to explore the practice in a nurturing environment. The course will cover not only the physical poses but also breathing and meditation techniques and the cues you may hear during other yoga classes. niyayoga.qa


Save a life this summer by volunteering to be a flight buddy for dogs or cats who are being adopted overseas. It doesn’t cost you a thing, and the process is simple; all you have to do is arrive early at the airport to check the animal in and collect the animal on the other side when you pick up your luggage. Someone will meet you at the airport at your destination to pick up the dog or cat. Contact Paws Rescue Qatar for more information. pawsrescueqatar.org

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