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Ask a Headmaster

“How can I keep my child’s brain active over the summer?”

As a parent, I would allow my child to sleep until he wakes up. I would allow him to play (but not on the iPad or computer) until he has tired of playing. During term time, children seldom have an opportunity to “finish” playing; they are always running to get somewhere on time.

Personally, I would also focus on Reading. Take your child to a library or bookshop and find something interesting. Read with your child, discuss the book, let your child predict the outcome and help him or her build vocabulary incidentally.

Math is an easy one as you can use many daily occurrences to consolidate Math concepts. While you are driving, your child can count all the red cars, and then you can ask him to double or halve the number. At the supermarket, you can give a little list to your child and ask him to find the items needed. In the kitchen, your child can measure ingredients, cut vegetables, and you know, even help with the dishes.

There are many Science activities that are really fun and can be carried out safely in the home. Watching movies should include decent age-appropriate films. Visit educational places like museums and balance this with some active outdoor activities like a good swim, bike ride or a game of tennis.

Spend as much quality time with your children as you can.Talk to them, listen to them, give them their boundaries, sit down at a table to eat and chat. Enjoy your time together and have a lovely holiday.

Ina Gerrard, Head of Primary School
The Gulf English School

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