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School year wrap up

Tips to ensure your child’s year is preserved and remembered.

School years—let alone childhood—can be a blur, with some memories standing out and others fading. But with a little end-of-school-year thoughtfulness, you can ensure that more of those school year memories last. As the school year progresses, remember to take note of various highlights throughout the year like a school trip or an end of term show. Here’s a checklist of items to record and preserve at the end of the school year while memories are fresh and the material is still at your fingertips.

Big events 

Sit down with your child to settle on a list of the big events of the school year. Perhaps it was the upcoming school science fair or a championship game? Maybe it was a field trip or the school carnival? Whatever it is, be sure to jot the events down as the year goes by and ask your child what made them so significant.

Significant achievements 

Consider any hurdles or milestones that your child overcame or achieved. It could be anything from learning fractions to joining the band. Get memories churning by asking your child about highlights from the school year. You may be surprised by what your child thinks was a big deal, and that’s exactly the point.

Important people 

Who were the major players in your child’s school-year life this past year? Think beyond his or her teacher to others who made a difference or sparked a connection. It could be a coach or a counsellor or a friendly custodian. And, of course, don’t forget new friends that were made.

Gather materials 

Now that you’ve set the foundation for what your child should remember from the school year, you should consider what materials you have—photos, video, papers, etc—that show those memories. You could also take the opportunity to have your child write a journal about these memories. One of the best ways you can preserve these memories is by weaving them into digital stories on our digital storytelling platform. The stories you create will allow you to share these memories with loved ones and friends or just keep them for yourself as an heirloom of this time in your child’s life.

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