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Sheraton Park

With the imposing West Bay towers behind you and stunning views of the sea in front of you, this park really is a must.

The Sheraton Park is a very pleasant green space located at the West Bay end of the Corniche, Doha’s famous waterfront promenade. Apart from the gorgeous location, the main attraction is the well-shaded and well-equipped playground. It is also a great spot to laze around in the sunshine or in the shade of a tree. As you sit and relax, munching your picnic, with the hustle-bustle of West Bay behind you, you really get a sense of being in a city park.

Another important landmark only a stone's throw away from the park is, of course, Doha's much-loved Sheraton Hotel. It is one of Doha's oldest hotels and by now has become a bit of an institution. Unfortunately, it will be out of action for a while as it is currently undergoing large-scale renovation.

A good day out and an excellent way to burn some calories would be to walk the length of the Corniche and back with a half-way picnic and play pit-stop at the Sheraton Park.

If the heat gets too much, you could always escape to the air-conditioned and well-placed café located just a quick walk from the playground. Is there a Costa Coffee anywhere else in the world with a better vista than this one?

Basic information

Nearby landmarks:  Corniche, Sheraton Hotel, white teapot statue, West Bay towers (Tornado Tower and Burj Doha)

Opening hours:  Public space with no gates or walls, so no official opening hours

Entrance fee:  Free

Size:  Roughly 0.8 hectares

Parking:  Next to the Costa Coffee and the Msheireb Enrichment Centre

Shade:  Partly shaded playground and plenty of nearbly trees

Toilets:  One

Wheelchair and disability accessibility:  The pathways around the playground and green spaces are accessible to wheelchairs. The toilets are not very spacious and therefore not accessible to wheelchairs.

Doha Family tips

Allowed:  Roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, biking and scooting, jogging, running, walking

Don't forget!

  • There is a busy road next to the park so keep a close eye on your kids!
  • The toilets are not always well-maintained and a bit of a walk from the playground.
  • There is a clothes/household equipment recycling bin in the park.
  • Enjoy a cappuccino with an amazing view of the Gulf at Costa Coffee
  • Pop into the Msheireb Enrichment Centre to learn about Qatar’s past and what it will be like in the future. Closed all day Friday and Saturday. Open Sunday–Thursday 09:00-17:00

Park facilities

Outdoor gym

Playground basics:

  • Variety of climbing frames and play areas for young toddlers and older kids
  • Most plastic play equipment with some metal
  • Plastic slides
  • Most shaded play area
  • Large rope climbing frame (not shaded)
  • Mostly rubber surface, some areas on sand
  • Plastic benches (some in the shade)

Other information

Food and beverages:  No

Nearby mosque:  No

Theatre:  No

Wi-Fi:  Free wi-fi via iPark; iPark sign has instructions for wi-fi access

Night lighting:  Well-lit at night

Driving directions

  • Driving from Doha Airport on C Ring, head towards Corniche Street and the West Bay.
  • Once on Corniche Street, drive all the way down the Corniche.
  • As you drive past Burj Doha (cylindrical-shaped tower) and Tornado Tower on your left, before you get to the Sheraton Hotel, you will see a hexagonal shaped Costa Coffee on your right facing the sea and the Msheireb Enrichment Centre jutting out into the sea.
  • Turn right off Corniche Street by the Costa Coffee into the car park provided. The playground is a short walk towards the direction of the Sheraton Hotel.

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