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Book Bites: Max Tilt: Fire the Depths

Author: Peter Lerangis 

Genre: Fantasy

Max Tilt is a series of books that update Jules Verne’s works for young readers. Fire the Depths is based on the book Two Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. The main character is Max Tilt, the great-great grandchild of Jules Verne, who has a condition that makes him smell stuff when he’s feeling an emotion which aids him in his discoveries. He and his cousin discover an unfinished book of Jules Verne’s stating that everything he wrote about in Two Thousand Leagues Under The Sea was true, and leading them to a treasure. Upsettingly, more people know about the treasure, Spencer Niemand and his crew are on the lookout too. Spencer Niemand is a thief and is very greedy. Max and Spencer compete for the treasure making this an exciting read. 

I love this book, and it inspires me to make discoveries and show my face to the world. I hope you will be inspired too if you start reading along. I can’t wait to read the next one.

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