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Spring 2016

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Oh Baby! The Ultimate Guide to Giving Birth in Qatar

From selecting a doctor to locating the perfect prenatal classes, here’s everything you need to know about giving birth in Doha.

The Cost of Having a Baby in Qatar

Pregnant? Thinking about having a baby? Here's a breakdown of what it costs to have a baby in Qatar.

Grocery Delivery in Doha

Too busy to run to the grocery store? Grocery delivery is a new option for Doha residents designed to make shopping easy and quick.

Pregnant Mum Pampering

Kick up your swollen, tired feet for some much-needed pampering with these luxurious spa treatments.

Childhood Vaccinations in Qatar

What you need to know about vaccinations in Qatar and how the schedule compares to other countries.

Protecting Your Home From Dust Storms

Five tips for protecting your home and health from a dust storm.

Dining on a Budget in Doha

Dining out with the family doesn’t always have to break the bank.

Babymoons: Maternity Breaks to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Seven fantastic babymoon destinations to check out before your little one arrives, all within an eight-hour flight from Qatar.

Bat’s Blood & Other Old Wives' Tales

Every culture has its old wives' tales about pregnancy. This is what happens when advice from different cultures converge.

How Dusty Environments Affect Our Children's Health

Tips for creating a safer indoor environment for your little ones
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