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Mother's Day in Qatar

Mother’s Day in Qatar is on March 21. It’s one day of the year that is devoted to mums everywhere. It’s a day for mums to be recognised, adored and pampered—but is that really what mums want? We asked several mums in Doha to find out what they want for Mother’s Day.

The most precious gift

Me time, sleep time and family time. A majority of mums crave some quality moments with themselves as well as their loved ones.
“Real family time,” says Zuzana Boreham. “No commitments hanging over my head, no work, no errands, no classes, just an easy relaxed day in the company of my little ones.”

“Day after day of being there for everyone, it is really nice to receive that one day of extra love and gratitude. A concrete recognition for everything we do that is a full time job: running the house, being the perfect expat wife,” Boreham says.

Crafted from the heart

No top-of-the-range cleaning appliance, huge store-bought cards with re-run messages or large bouquets are necessary. The gifts that mum will adore are ones that reflect a certain amount of thought and consideration, something that is handmade with love and personalised.

“Whatever I receive, if it's from the heart—and coupled with a moment of peace and quiet—I am delighted,” says Henriette Himmelstrup. “I am so surprised to find the creative gifts I receive whether it is the painted toilet roll card, the dried grass bouquet, burnt toast on a dirty tray or maybe even a tomato in my orange juice. These gifts are treasures beyond value and each one brings a smile and a cherished memory.”

Pure pampering

The traditional lavish gifts were not off the list completely for all mums in Doha.

“A six-hour luxury spa day is my big dream,” says Kiki Sfyrikla. “The perfect day is a sleep in, a decent open buffet breakfast and a massage."

Angela Walton would love Godiva chocolates and a Four Seasons brunch. “Sitting at that brunch you forget you are in Doha. They have all my favourite dishes that I don’t have to cook myself and three hours of eating is a feeling of being totally spoilt.”

What else are mums in Doha wishing for?

Here are some more of our favourite replies from Doha mums:

  • A nap without interruption
  • A love letter from each person
  • On demand, all day massage pampering (shoulder, feet, neck rubs)
  • A drawing or anything the children take time to make
  • No chores all day
  • Anything baked and trimmed with a personal message
  • Breakfast in bed as an annual tradition with a sing-along
  • Surprised with a hot bath decorated with petals and candles and soft music
  • An old jar filled with her favourite treats and a secret message inside
  • Handmade novel with prints, drawings or both

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

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