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Music on the Brain

Lessons in Qatar

Ever watch a toddler with a rattle, toy drum or household utensil and spoon? As he or she joyfully produces his or her own “music” in this display of latent musical talent, important neural connections are being made in the brain. Decades of research show that these brain exercises provide numerous long-term educational, social and physical benefits including:

  • Improved memory
  • Increased ability to think and reason
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Better listening skills, which aid in speech and language learning
  • Improved coordination
  • Stress relief and coping abilities
  • Improved time management and organisational skills
  • A stronger ability to work well in groups
  • Enhanced social skills and responsibility
  • Tenacity and discipline
  • A sense of fulfilment and achievement

There are several options for learning music from enrolling in a music school to contracting a home tutor. The list below has been narrowed down to organisations that stand out either for the quality of musical education or the courses offered. For more music schools and tutors, check out the Children's Activity Directory.

Qatar Music Academy

Founded in 2011 and supported by Qatar Foundation, the Qatar Music Academy is unique in that it offers courses in Arabic and Western music. It runs two programs—Academic Music and Music for All. While Music for All is open to the musically inclined of any age, the Academic Music course is intended as a more serious study of music and has more stringent entrance criteria and certificate programme. Students of the western Academic Music course are required to take the Associated Board of the Royal schools of Music (ABRSM) exams from age eight. Students enrolled in the Arabic Academic Music course are awarded certificates and ultimately a diploma upon meeting the course criteria. Under both programmes, students can choose to learn from a huge range of musical instruments or opt for vocal lessons. 

Minimum age requirement: Academic Music - 5 years, Music for All - 2 years
Academic Music fees: QR 360-8160 for Arabic music and QR 2160-5760 for Western music, depending on the instrument and course
Music for All fees: QR 360-1440 per term
Location: Katara Cultural Village, Doha
Phone: +974 4454-8191

International Centre for Music

The International Centre for Music was one of the first music and art schools to be established in Qatar in 2000. It offers one-on-one weekly music lessons in vocal music, piano, guitar and violin. Classes last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the choice of the student. A music theory course is also offered and can be availed of as a group class or on an individual basis. Students can opt to sit the ABRSM instrumental exams.

Minimum age requirement: 5 years
Fees: QR 200-760 per month, payable on a two-monthly basis
Location: Matar Qadeem (Old Airport), Doha
Phone: +974 4467-1354


‚ÄčIAID was established in 2001 with a vision of contributing to the Qatari cultural landscape. It offers classes in the piano, electronic keyboard, acoustic guitar and vocals with options also for introductory singing and toddler music classes. Most of the IAID courses are certificate courses affiliated with the London College of Music (LCM).

Minimum age requirement: 7 years
Fees: QR 500-700 depending on age group/course chosen 
Location: Al Hilal, Doha
Phone: +974 4432-0974, +974 4441-1234, or +974 6671-0589

Yamaha Music School

Based on the philosophy that everyone is born with musical potential, the Yamaha Music School employs Yamaha teaching methods in its musical instruction. It believes in imparting comprehensive musical education in a group setting using materials and teaching aids developed in-house. The emphasis 
is on making music fun for the learner.

The school offers three courses­—Junior Music, Yamaha Piano and Popular Music (guitar) with its own set of optional exams. Weekly classes range from a duration of 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the course. The Junior Music course recommends a commitment of two years and requires parent participation.

Minimum age requirement: 4 years
Fees: QR 600 per month
Location: Zig Zag Tower, West Bay Lagoon, Doha
Phone: +974 4433-5598


‚ÄčA franchise of the reputed Kalabhavan school in Cochin, India, the organisation offers courses in drums (including the tabala), keyboard, violin, rhythm pad and vocal Carnatic music, a classical Indian music style. Instruction in the keyboard and violin is available in both, the traditional western music notation as well as classical Indian music. 

Students can choose their preferred time of class. Classes are held bi-weekly, lasting one hour each. The school offers students the option of sitting the Trinity College of London exams for most instruments. At an additional fee, the school’s minivan conveys students between their home and the music lesson.

Minimum age requirement: 4 years
Fees: QR 200 per month
Location: Abu Hamour, Doha.
Phone: +974 4466-2980 or +974 4465-7568


Established in 2010 with a vision of promoting multidisciplinary arts in Qatar, Kalakshetra is the only organisation in Doha that teaches students to play the mridangam, a Carnatic double-sided drum. It also offers courses in a variety of Indian and Western musical instruments as well as vocal training in Carnatic music.

Music lessons are held on a bi-weekly basis for one hour. Students learning the piano and violin can sit the ABRSM exams while those opting for the keyboard, guitar and drums can sit the Trinity College London exams.

Minimum age requirement: 5 years
Fees: QR 250 per month
Location: Al Nuaija, Doha
Phone: +974 4466-0084 or +974 4455-1327

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