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Lifetime Nursery

+974 4411-3023
  • Al Hilal


Life Time Nursery was the first professionally run nursery with a comprehensive education system and learning through play when it was established in 2003 and since then few more have been established. With the awareness of the importance of early childhood development, many parents are looking for this as opposed to day care and babysitting environments only.

Life Time Nursery is committed to providing quality education and environment for the optimum development of its children. The management has proven its commitment by complying with international quality standards and was awarded ISO 9002:2000 certification after successfully complying with their requirements for its quality management system. Additionally, it established its Quality Policy from the outset and is displayed and conveyed to its entire staff continually.

The target market segment LTN shall aim to reach families with toddlers in all areas for Doha who can access both Hilal and Dafna areas. Another branch (Life Time Nursery 2) opened in Dafna area (West bay) of Doha in December 2006.

Additional Information:

Full-Time Care: No
Ages Accepted: 1 year
1.5 years
2 years
3 years
Accepts Special Needs: No

Quick Facts:

Why us?

We all want a better world for our children. It is our responsibility to improve the quality of education and to take care of our children’s health and nutritional needs at the same time. Life Time Nursery was created to provide the best health care and learning environment for children. We want our children at all times to feel safe, comfortable, valued and respected; an environment where successful learning promotes positive attitudes.

Our priorities:

We aim to be recognized as leaders in children’s education and health care in Qatar by offering superior health and nutritional programs with the highest possible standards in Early Childhood Education.

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