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Today Is My Day

Today is my day. I will stay in bed because I’m taking the day off. I will not go to work. I will not wake the kids. I will not dress them. I will not make sure their teeth are brushed, hair combed, breakfast eaten and I will certainly not take them to school.

Today I’m taking the day off from doing the laundry, making sure the PE kit is ready, getting the whatever costume complete, preparing the poster for this month’s topic and any other school commitment I never really wanted to be involved with.

Today I’m taking the day off from cooking. I will not make their packed lunches. I will not make the sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, taste-free treats for the kids’ play date. I will not make five different dinners because one eats only chicken, the other only cucumbers and goodness knows what else they decided not to eat or start eating this week.

Today I’m taking the day off from driving around the whole country to buy groceries from the supermarket. I will not drive to the other supermarket to buy organic fruit. I will not drive to the only dry cleaners I trust. I will not drive my kids to their after-school activities. I will not get stuck in traffic and listen to the kids fight about which song to listen to.

Today I’m taking the day off. But if I stay in bed, I will miss my morning kisses and cuddles. If I take the day off, I will miss hearing how tasty my food was. If I take the day off I will not see my kids in their costumes looking super cute. If I take the day off, I will not see my son score his first goal and feel proud. If I take the day off, I will miss every minute of what a mother is all about—LOVE!

I cannot take the day off, it’s Mother’s Day! It’s my day to be proud of my accomplishments, my children, my joy, my life and what makes me unique. 

Today and every day must be grabbed with both hands to marvel at the beautiful children I have raised. Today is my day; today is Mother’s Day. Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mums. It’s a hard job, but the kisses, cuddles and snuggles make it worth every second.

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