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Autumn 2015

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Al Rawnaq Trading Centres Review

We’ve got all the details on Doha’s best not-so-secret store for home, school, craft and office supplies.

Teens taking the wheel

A look into Qatar’s driver’s licence process for teens

Halloween Costumes and Decorations in Doha

Where to buy the coolest costumes and the spookiest supplies for Halloween

Transitioning a maid into your home

What to expect when you’re expecting a new maid

Finding a job in Qatar

Finding a job anywhere can be a daunting task, but what about finding a job in Qatar where most positions are filled before the recruit has even landed in the country?

Post-Natal Depression in Qatar

One expat mum shares her experience with post-natal depression while living in Qatar.

Defining your role as ‘trailing spouse’

Five essential questions all expat partners should ask before beginning a professional or personal development endeavour

Chasing away the nightmares

How to help your child cope with this common childhood event

Teacher trouble: How to resolve child-teacher conflict

What to do when your child says that he or she does not like their teacher

Back to school

How to prepare your family and your household for the new school year
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