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Swimming Safety

Follow these simple rules to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time at the pool or beach.

Adult supervision and barriers between your child and the pool are your best defense for reducing the risk against an accident. Even when your child has mastered top swimming skills do not let this give you a false sense of security.

Always know where your children are. Around water, stay close while maintaining constant eye contact and never leave a child unattended even for a second.

As the famous Olympic swim coach Laurie Lawrence from Queensland, Australia says:

Keep kids alive and do the five

Fence the pool
Shut the gate
Teach your kids to swim–it’s great
Supervise–watch your mate
Learn to resuscitate
Mime the rhyme to survive
And keep kids alive

It’s wonderful to be able to have your children in water but care during and after swimming is important:

  • Monitor the weather and your child as the day progresses and temperature changes. Having a change of clothes handy can protect wet little bodies against the winds at sunset!
  • Always apply lotion and wear a sun hat even on overcast days. Use SPF 30 or more lotion for babies and children and continue applying throughout the day.
  • Ensure that your child is warmly dressed after swimming. Don't forget a hat as the most body heat is lost through the head.
  • Make sure that you give your child enough to drink as swimming will make them thirsty. Keep the fluids up for older children as well—even though they are in the water they still require liquids.
  • Warm drinks are ideal to regulate the body temperature afterwards.
  • Shower your child thoroughly after swimming so that the chlorine is rinsed off the skin.
  • The head should be washed separately with a flannel and possibly a mild wash lotion. After bathing many children—especially babies—become very tired and fall asleep quickly. 
  • Apply a mild care lotion or gentle baby oil to your child's skin.

Follow these tips for a fun and safe trip to the pool or beach.

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