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Processing a family visa

Once you've made the move and gotten your residency permit, you may be eligible to bring your family to Qatar under your sponsorship.

Qatar’s sponsorship system is set up in a manner that it is nearly impossible for a family to relocate together. Current regulation states that a resident must provide six months of Qatar bank statements to Immigration before they can apply to bring their family to Qatar. Foreign account statements or salary letters will not suffice. Depending on your employer’s HR policy, they may or may not cover the process of organising your family’s residence visas.

To apply for a family residence visa, the applicant must have a minimum basic salary of QR12,000 per month. Any application submitted with a salary not meeting this requirement will be rejected. The applicant must also already have their Qatar residency permit, along with six months of local bank statements showing their monthly salary transfer. The family residence application can be found here and must be completed in Arabic. The documents to accompany this application are as follows:

  • Copy and original Qatar ID card of the applicant
  • Copy of the passports of all family members
  • Copy of marriage certificate, attested at the Qatari embassy located in your home country
  • Copy of attested birth certificates for each child
  • Copy of attested work contract of applicant, detailing job title and salary
  • Six months of local bank statements, showing monthly salary transfer
  • Copy of the health clearance certificate from abroad (if required for your country)

Additional documents may be requested at the Ministry of Interior’s discretion. There is no fee for submitting this application, but when the approval is granted then fees of QR200 per person needs to be submitted at any immigration office. When approval is obtained, the process is the same as a normal residency permit. The family will enter Qatar on the family visa issued by Immigration.

Medical and fingerprinting

Female family members under the age of 16 and boys under the age of 13 are not required to carry out the medical and fingerprinting to obtain their residence permits. Any family members above this age are required to first report to the medical commission within one month of arrival to start their medical testing. This is not a complete medical test, only a blood draw and a chest X-ray. An application must be filled in Arabic and submitted along with a visa copy, passport copy, original passport and two passport-sized photos taken on a blue-coloured background. Processing the medical usually takes 10-14 days.

Fingerprinting is carried out at the General Directorate of Civil Defence or Civil Investigation Department. To complete fingerprinting, an application form must also be completed in Arabic. This form is available onsite along with Arabic typists to assist in the form completion. Processing of the fingerprints will take an additional three to seven days.

Completing the RP

Once all these results are complete, it is time to stamp the residency permit into the passport. To stamp the RP into the passport, for each family member, you must provide an application form filled out in Arabic, two passport-sized photos on a coloured background, the original passport and your (the applicant and sponsor) Qatar ID card. There is a three-month window to have the residency stamped into the passport. A daily penalty of QR10 is applied for overstaying the visa, but it is especially important to note that until the residency permit is stamped into the passport, the family members cannot leave the country or the visa will become void, making it necessary to start the process from the beginning. A one-time emergency exit will be allowed during the RP process, but a return visa must be issued before leaving Qatar.

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