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Fuwairit Beach

Located in the north of Qatar, a visit to this beautiful and desolate beach is a great day out of Doha that doesn't take all day to get to.

With its long stretch of powdery, white sand, clear blue sea and a shoreline scattered with pretty pink, white, red and yellow seashells—Fuwairit is a real gem. Just add a few coconut palms and you could be in the Caribbean.

The sea is calm, warm and shallow making it perfect for young children to practice their swimming skills, splash around and explore the seabed. The shallow water gets deeper very gradually, which means that you can relax on the beach whilst looking out at your children, safe in the knowledge that there isn't a sudden drop in depth. Older children and adults can venture a bit further and enjoy a proper swim in the sea.

Being a northeast-facing beach you won't catch the sunset here, but you could always pitch a tent and wake up just in time to watch the sunrise. It is a popular camping spot and some lucky campers have reported seeing dolphins. Dolphins aren't the only ones who come to Fuwairit to ride the waves; it is also a favourite with kite surfers who rock up here on windy days in search of an adrenaline rush.

There are no shops, cafés or facilities anywhere near Fuwairit, which adds to its charm; but despite its isolation, it is still fairly easy to get to and is accessible even without a 4x4. Once you've discovered this beach, you'll keep coming back again and again!

Basic information

Parking:  There is a flat, dusty expanse of land just before the beach where people park their cars which always has plenty of space, even during busy times

Toilets:  No

Doha Family tips

Don't forget!

  • Take food and drinks with you—there are no refreshment outlets nearby.
  • If you haven't had a chance to prepare a picnic, there are plenty of good service stations en route selling snacks and drinks.
  • Timing is everything when visiting Fuwairit Beach—go in the morning to avoid crowds, noisy cars and loud music!
  • Bear in mind that this is an isolated beach in the desert—take your own shade.
  • Don't forget your camera—it's one of Qatar's most photogenic beaches!

Did you know?  

In the spring, female hawksbill turtles emerge from the sea to lay their eggs on the beaches of northern Qatar. During this period, the Ministry of Environment closes Fuwairit beach and fences it off to protect the turtles as part of Qatar's sea turtle protection movement. Nesting season begins mid to late April and ends in July when the hatchlings venture out into the sea. Thirty or so years later, these amazing creatures will return to the very same beach to lay their own eggs.

Other information

Food and beverages: No

Showers No

Nearby mosque:  No

Driving directions

  • Head north out of Doha on the Al Shamal Road.
  • After 44 km, turn right at the sign for Fuwairit (exit 79).
  • Follow the road that leads you to the small village of Fuwairit.
  • Before entering the village, you will see a palm tree lined road on your left. Turn left just before this road onto a rough dirt track running parallel with the coast.
  • Drive on this track for 1.5 km until you reach unusual formations of eroded hills (jebel) on your right.
  • The beach is just in front of these hills.

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