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Swimming Lessons for Babies in Doha

Teaching tots a life-saving sport

Mum’s Recipes With the Oketch Family

Delicious recipes from the multicultural Oketch family!

Supporting Teens Through Exam Season

Helping your teen cope during stressful times

Fun Ways to Stay Fit: Toddlers to Teens

Qatar is making a big push to make sports accessible for everyone: young and old, male and female, expat and local.

Creative Ways for Adults to Get Active in Qatar

Some fun, creative, ways you can keep active in Qatar!

Managing Mum Guilt

Guilt is that little niggle that appears and worms its way into your brain, taking up valuable headspace.

Doha Dad Says: It’s a Fact That Our Kids Are Smarter Than Us

Why this Doha dad thinks kids are smarter than adults.

Book Bites: Complete Children’s Cookbook

Tween Talks: Moving to Qatar

A tween’s take on life in Doha!

Things We Love: Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

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