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Newbies Guide to Doha

Whether you are new to Doha or just looking for some tips to make life easier here, check out our guide to living in Qatar.

Buying a Used Car in Qatar

What to look for, how to transfer a registration and more—here's the everything that residents of Qatar need to know before buying a used car.

Defining your role as ‘trailing spouse’

Five essential questions all expat partners should ask before beginning a professional or personal development endeavour

Transitioning a maid into your home

What to expect when you’re expecting a new maid

Teens taking the wheel

A look into Qatar’s driver’s licence process for teens

Finding a job in Qatar

Finding a job anywhere can be a daunting task, but what about finding a job in Qatar where most positions are filled before the recruit has even landed in the country?

Travelling with your nanny

Points to ponder before you bring your nanny home with you for the summer

A look at National Sports Day

A quick look at Sports Day and the many family activities Doha has to offer.

Processing a family visa

Once you've made the move and gotten your RP, find out how to bring your family to Qatar under your sponsorship.

Getting Your Health Card in Qatar

Learn about why, where and how to get a health card.
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Doha Family Guide

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