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Mum’s Recipes with the Oketch Family

Workout bites

Supporting Teens Through Exam Season

Helping your teen cope during stressful times

The Best of Bali with Kids

Exploring one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful destinations!

Managing Mum Guilt

Tips to help you defeat the guilt gremlins

Doha Dad Says: It’s a Fact That Our Kids Are Smarter Than Us

Why this Doha dad thinks kids are smarter than adults.

Tween Talks: Moving to Qatar

A tween’s take on life in Doha!

Ask the Expert

My child is scheduled to have an assessment for special needs. What should I expect to happen during the assessment?

When Is Teasing Bullying?

The line between teasing and bullying is thin. Nonetheless, the ability to recognise and respond appropriately to light-hearted teasing is a valuable social skill.

Does Your Child Have Special Needs?

If you think your child may have a problem, your first step is being honest with yourself. Read this for further advice.

Helping Your Child Settle into Qatar

Helping your child adjust to a new country
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