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Spot It™

This award-winning matching game is perfect for killing time on the go.


The lightweight mifold booster seat is perfect for travel.

Little Damsels

These gorgeous hand-made, one-of-a-kind dolls are made from locally sourced and recycled materials.

Adopting a Furry Friend in Doha

Here are some tips to help you get all your ducks (or dogs!) in a row before you adopt a furry friend.

Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit

This kit includes everything you need to start your mini garden.

Nuna Leaf™

This motor-free baby seat will calm any fussy baby to sleep


Perfect for kids who need to stretch out to sleep.

Ask the Expert

Should I let my child quit his sports team?

Gratitude for Grownups

Techniques to help encourage gratefulness in the whole family

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

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Doha Family Guide

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