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Creative Ways for Adults to Get Active in Qatar

The non-boring guide to getting fit

Doha Dad Says: It’s a Fact That Our Kids Are Smarter Than Us

Why this Doha dad thinks kids are smarter than adults.

Joining the Qatar Running Series

A review of one of Doha’s best-known running events

Book Bites: Complete Children’s Cookbook

The Scoop on Sidra Hospital's New Women's Services

Sidra hospital had announced the launch of new Women’s Services last Monday and there's more to come this quarter, with plans to also launch a top-of-the-range IVF facility, evening Outpatient Obstetrics and Gynecology clinics, and cervical screening appointments.

Does Your Child Have Special Needs?

If you think your child may have a problem, your first step is being honest with yourself. Read this for further advice.

Mum's Recipes with Maysa Taleb

Delicious recipes and useful tips coming from Maysa Taleb, who was born in Jordan and grew up in Australia—a country famous for its vibrant food scene.

Encouraging Girls in STEM

Governments, educators, girls and women recognise the importance of women and their inherent skills in STEM.

After-school Activities Almost Too Good to Share

Your children are sure to love these extracurricular activities in Qatar

Car-Free with Kids in Qatar

Getting around Qatar with kids when you don't drive
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