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Make a teacher’s week

Ways to show your child’s teacher how much they are appreciated

Extracurricular Edu-tainment

Four fun and educational activities to introduce kids to science and engineering

Navigating university rankings

A look at how to understand university rankings and if they really matter?

Navigating the education system

Understanding the education options in Doha can be a minefield.

Music on the Brain

Six top-tier music schools in Doha to get your budding musician rolling

Finding Montessori

This hands-off approach to education is taking other countries by storm—but what about Doha?

Applying to university from abroad

4 tips to help your expat kid can get ahead of the college application process.

Thimble Summer

Teaching Islam

Whether you choose to enrol your children in an Islamic school or teach them at home, there are many options for teaching your children about Islam.

Ramadan Moon

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